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Headquartered in Singapore, the Sun Power Grand Holdings Group professionally develops and manufactures high-tech optoelectronics products.
Smile Power Technologies specializes in the research and development of high-end chips, microcomputer modules, and plant factories
Sun Power Technologies manufactures solar-power battery ICs, microwave ICs, and LED ICs
Dong Tai Long Technologies manufactures electronic microcomputer ballasts, LED packaging, and lighting equipment
Winner Technologies is a distributor that specializes in the establishment of domestic as well as global dealership locations, sales locations, and product distribution channels
Company History
In 1990
Sun Power Technologies was established, specializing in the R&D of electrical, mechanical, and automated products.
In 2000
Sun Power Technologies worked with the National Science Council, the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, as well as Chung Hua University to establish a solar-power battery plant and an LED optoelectronics plant (Sun Power Technologies).
In 2007
Sun Power’s executive director, Dr. Gambler Wu, was awarded with the honor of Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise Managers in Taiwan.
In 2008
company Chairman, Dr. Mao Xin, and Executive Director, Dr. Gambler Wu, were appointed by the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology as technology advisors.
In 2010
Sun Power developed industry-leading technology for growing organic hydroponic fruits and vegetables, and established a 22-story plant factory.
In 2012
SUNPOWER GRAND HOLDINGS PTE.LTD. was established in Singapore.